Henry’s Tale – The story of a vacuum cleaner

There once lived a Little Monster named Henry in Big wood. Henry was a funny looking monster, he had a small little body and a very long nozzle. His eyes were big, round and blue and the rest of him was pure white. Each day, Henry would wake up in the morning and scuttle to the Big Stream. There, he would spend the rest of his day eating all the Little Bugs that would come in his way. After thus enjoying his day, Henry would creep back into the Big Tree that was his home and sleep till the next morning.

One particularly sunny day, when Henry was eating his regular Little Bugs by Big Stream, a Little Girl came skipping along and stopped upon seeing him. Henry put on his best scary monster face but the Little Girl just smiled at him and said “Hello”. Henry was startled, he didn’t know what to do. No human had ever spoken to Henry before, they usually just ran in the opposite direction on seeing him. Trying to hide his confusion, Henry replied “Hello”.

The Little Girl continued to talk “My name is Eliza, I’m just passing by Big Wood to visit my grandmother’s place on the other side. She isn’t feeling too well. She’s sad because of all the bugs that are in her house. They never seem to leave and keep growing in numbers. I thought I would bring her some flowers from Big Wood to make her feel better. Who are you and what are you doing here?”

Surprised at the long speech, Henry stood silent for a moment and then said, “My name is Henry. I’m the Little Monster of Big Wood. I live in the Big Tree and eat Little Bugs by the Big Stream.” The Little Girl looked extremely happy at hearing this and replied, “Oh Henry, would you please come and see my grandmother with me? She doesn’t live far away so it’ll be a short walk and once we get there, you can eat all the Little Bugs you want. Please say yes.” Henry looked at the Little Girl’s big blue eyes and said “Yes”.

Thus, Henry and Eliza skipped happily on to the grandmother’s house and became best friends forever.


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