The ZergonianĀ Mission

Note: I was supposed to do a character sketch but got side tracked and did a plot outline instead.

Kerbie looked around slowly at the wreckage around him. He couldn’t believe he survived that crash! He rummaged around the debris of his favourite meteor in search of his allinator. His strong limbs effortlessly moved aside the huge piles of rock, his grey eyes scanning several sights at once. After a few more minutes of frantic searching, Kerbie found his precious allinator. It looked like a clay tablet, only sleeker and shiny white on the backside with a stat- of-the-art touch screen. He caressed the pear shaped logo on the backside and relished his only remaining functioning survival tool from home. “Home”, he thought, “I wonder if my parent’s are celebrating my leaving at this moment, boasting to all their friends about how their offspring had left their home planet of Zergon to reach Crypton and fulfil his destiny.” Kerbie paused for a moment and breathed in the foreign air, it seemed to be similar to his home air, only that the poison here was fresher. Ah Poison! Kerbie loved poison, he lived for poison like every other Zergonian. His tall build and dark hair looked beautiful in the moonlight, almost Cryptonian-like. No Cryptonian would be able to tell of Kerbie’s Zergonian heritage unless they stared very intensely and realised that he was too beautiful. A kind of beauty that their planet had not produced for ages.

The Zergonians began to secretly migrate to Crypton when their planet could no longer sustain it’s inhabitant’s love for poison. On reaching Crypton, Zeferon (the leader of the Zergonians) examined the land and declared it fit for infiltration. Of course, infiltration would have to be a covert operation to avoid resistance. So, as soon as Zergonian spawn reached maturity, they were sent off to Crypton to capture the Cryptonian mind with superior intelligence and irresistible beauty. Slowly, the Zergonians began to gain political and business control over the Cryptons and enjoyed releasing poison into the atmosphere, ground, water and the Cryptonians themselves. The Cryptonians could not survive such high levels of poison and were conveniently dying out. Even though the Zergonians knew that Crypton could not stand this poison for long, they used it as a stop-gap measure.

Kerbie tapped his allinator a few times to review his mission for the zillionth time. Being exceptionally beautiful even for a Zergonian, Kerbie was given the challenging mission of enchanting a Crytponian named Miss Zelda Swan. Ms. Swan was the young owner of Blooming Petroleum (BP), Crypton’s largest Petroleum business. Ms. Swan was in love with her planet and would only use her company’s resources for sustainable development of her planet. BP was a pioneer in R&D and had developed technology to extract petroleum with minimum harm to the environment and was continuously discovering new renewable energy sources. (Hence, the business was now known just as BP instead of Blooming Petroleum). Kerbie was entrusted with enrapturing Ms Swan to fall in love with him, marry him and eventually hand over all the operations of BP to her lover. Thereafter, Kerbie would be expected to start oil wars, create oil spills and generally add more poison to the planet, thus, enabling the Zergonians to thrive. He sighed, switched off his allinator and purposefully strode forward towards Cryptonia, the planet’s capital fondly known as “The Big Pear” (Because Pear Inc., now headed by a Zergonian, owned most of the city’s land and businesses).

Kerbie stopped for a minute and looked back at the now smouldering remains of his meteor and smiled “That ought to release a good amount of poison. Not a bad start.”

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