A Simple Love

Once upon a time, in a land far far away

There lived a young princess, who had many things to say

Some of them were true

A lot of them were blue

But none were ever heard

Cause everyone found her absurd


Once when she was 16, on a warm summer’s day

The sun was out and birds all sang, so she went out to play

Far and fast she ran

Came across a man

He looked kind of coy

Not a man, he was a boy


He smiled at our princess, with a heart pure and brave

She looked into his eyes, saw all the love he gave

They walked and talked

Danced and laughed

Soon it was night

They turned to the castle light


The boy still brave, asked the king his daughter for keeps

‘I’m impressed by his manner, I like the way he speaks”

Thus, the king said yes

And the queen gave her best

Happily, the boy and girl lived together

For ever ever and ever

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