Coffee, love?

Coffee, love?

They were never meant to be together. He wasn’t strikingly handsome but she’d made him out to be so in her mind’s eye. He seemed to be the most popular guy around with this great personality who’d somehow chanced upon seeing her and deciding to call her a friend. She was very grateful for that, not only because boys like him didn’t usually talk to girls like her but because she was genuinely in awe of him, as a person. She found his words charming, his eyes intriguing and his conversation stimulating. They didn’t laugh much together, they didn’t really get each other’s humour but that didn’t matter to either, they’d pull along anyway. The truth was that they valued each other’s opinion so much that neither tried to reveal their sense of humour to the other lest it be met with disapproval. Unfortunately, only you and I share this knowledge my dear reader, our protagonists lie in the dark.

So, there they were, out and about town on a drunken Saturday night with three other friends. The music was good, the wine flew freely and everybody flirted to their ideal place. They were at that point where no one was really up for a conversation anymore so all that was left to do was dance. The dance floor was overflowing with people spilling their drinks and bopping to the beat. Our group chose a quiet corner away from the DJ booth to pass off their shuffling as dancing. ‘Ugh, this music is ugly’. she thought as she watched him enjoy the sound. She caught his eyes and smiled instinctually. A few beats later he was dancing next to her. She turned and leaned her back into his. His hands moved around her waist and his chin rested on her shoulder. She closed her eyes and swayed with him in perfect rhythm. She turned her head into his and smelled his hair, the heady smell engulfed her and she realised how close her lips were to his face. She opened her eyes to look at him, he looked so perfect there by her side. She closed her eyes again and let the moment take over her. They stayed this way for who knows how long, it only seemed like one never-ending moment to them. “Boooooooo”, voices broke through the spell. They parted to find the club lights on and the crowd shouting for more. It was closing time, he took her hand and lead her out the door behind the rest of the group.

The gang got into their car and drove away. Our protagonists were seated in the back seat, hands still intertwined, her head on his shoulder. Ten minutes later, the car stopped outside her door. She got down and he walked her to the door step. They embraced, trying to hold on to the moment that was already gone. He pulled away first, “See you tomorrow” he said and walked back to the car. She watched them turn the corner and then headed to her room. She turned on the lights, threw her hand bag on the couch, turned the lights back off and went to her bedroom. She took a deep breath as she undressed, she could still smell him, she smiled. She didn’t bother to put on any night clothes and slipped into her bed leaving only her underwear on.

She slept well and awoke quite late the next day. Still in bed, she reached for her phone to find a text from him. A grin spread across her face as she read, “Coffee, love? Say Costa at noon?” “Yes”, she replied as she ran to put on the coffee pot and bring in the morning paper. Our heroine showered, changed into her favourite sun dress and walked out the door, still grinning. She watched the people on the road and the birds in the trees as she took the short walk to the Costa Coffee near her house. Turning a corner, she scanned the al fresco area for any signs of him. Her stomach gave a little flutter as her eye’s found him. She thought of how stunning he looked in a simple black tee and khaki shorts. As she continued walking, her gaze widened and she noticed that someone was sitting next to him. There was a sudden lump in her throat as she realised that it was that girl he liked whom he kept mentioning last week. “I can’t believe it”, she thought, “Did she spend the night with him?”, she’d stopped walking now. Tears were threatening to flow down her face. “I feel like a cheap whore” she thought as the memories of last night floated in her head. Meredith closed her eyes, took a few deep breaths and thought, “Okay, calm down. Don’t jump to conclusions. Walk over there, c’mon, walk over there.” Her mind had won, he feet began to move towards him as a deep sense of dread set in her heart.

“Hi guys,” she managed to smile as she took a seat opposite them. “How are you?”.

“Great”, they replied together and laughed.

“I hear you guys had a fun night?”, she enquired.

“Oh yeah, that reminds me, did you get home alright Alex?”, I asked.

“Yeah yeah. I got home okay and found Angela waiting for me there. We were up quite late after that, so yeah, all was good”, he replied smiling at her.

Meredith’s heart sank. She looked away so they wouldn’t see the pained expression on her face. She went through breakfast in a daze, holding on to her coffee mug with both her hands as though it were her heart.

And this, my dearest reader, is where we zoom out of the scene, slowly fading to black. What happened to Meredith next, you ask? Oh well, she got over her daze and pretended that everything was okay. They had a few more nights where they shared moments which ended with Alex continuing to sleep with Angela and Meredith lying awake, alone in her bed for hours after. And that was that, some girls take longer to learn than others and our Meredith was one of them. Hopefully, in the next instalment of this tale (who knows when that will be), Meredith will find her Derek and finally get over this pointless unhealthy friendship with Alex. Until then, let’s hope the best for our girl!