Love you a little less

It was a hot summer’s day and I was bored. Term was over, so I was back home with nothing much to do. Many of my friends had taken up internships or gone travelling. I was never one for internships, and travelling? Well, I just didn’t have the right company. It wasn’t as though staying home was my last choice. I enjoyed staying with my folks, having Scotty around to play with, going on long walks in our endless backyard, and living the quite town life. I had a few friends in town but we weren’t particularly close. We’d grab a drink at the pub a few times a week but that was about it, really. I spent most of my time taking Scotty for walks, sitting under trees, or chatting away with my parents.

It was too hot to do much today though. Even Scotty didn’t want to head out. He was spread out next to my bed with his tongue out, panting, lazing, almost asleep. I, like I mentioned earlier, was bored. There was a fly buzzing around the room, looking for god knows what. I couldn’t be bothered to muster up the energy to go after it.

I started at the notepad and pen next to me. I wanted to write a story but didn’t quite know where to start. Random themes were popping into my head, nothing worth writing about though. The song on the radio changed. The tune was upbeat, something about new shoes or same jeans. I turned back to the notebook and stared some more. The song ended and I was still staring. The jarring noise of adverts found my ears and then an over-enthusiastic DJ went on about some band or something. I was quite sleepy and the words were just drifting in and out of my ears. A new song started. The voice was quite nice. Not nice enough to keep me up though. Somewhere in between the song, I feel asleep.

I woke up an hour later, quite groggy and thirsty. I reached for the water beside my bed and suddenly remembered a dream I’d had during that nap. I couldn’t remember the details. It seemed to be something about a prince and a princess (how lame, I thought). There was only one scene that had stayed behind in my conscious mind. It was when the princess was walking away from the prince and saying to herself ‘Guess I’ll just learn to love you a little less than before’. I quite liked that line. I tried to remember the rest of the dream, whether there was a happy ending or not. But I couldn’t.

I liked that line a lot. I thought it’d make a great start for my story. I’d change the prince and princess to a lanky boy and a shy girl, and it was possible that I could get somewhere with it. So, I picked up the pen and started writing on the notepad.

“It was a hot summer’s day.” I started.